Twinkle, Twinkle LilyPad Star

Want to brighten up your wardrobe? Grab a Lily Twinkle, four micro LEDs, and a watch battery, spend five minutes soldering everything together, and you’ll look fashionably “light.”


LilyPad Lily Twinkle $4.95
(4) LilyPad LED Micros (any color) $3.95
CR2032 Battery Holder $1.50
CR2032 Battery $1.95
Scrap Wire

Total Cost = $12.35

*You can purchase all of these parts from SparkFun Electronics @


1. Solder the positive pads (+) for each LED to the output pads on Lily Twinkle (0-3).

2. Loop a short length of wire through each of the negative pads (-) of the LEDs and secure it to the battery holder’s negative terminal. Solder each attachment point.

3. Solder another short length of wire between the battery holder’s negative terminal and the negative power pad (-) on Lily Twinkle.

4. Insert the positive terminal on the battery holder directly into the Lily Twinkle positive power pad (+) and solder the connection. In this configuration, Lily Twinkle should float above the battery holder.

5. Insert the battery into the holder and behold your brilliance.





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