Coding Mythology


Learn stone-cold coding and DIY hardware hacking from the “queen of good looks”–Medusa, herself. This ridiculously low cost, highly programmable novelty printed circuit board (PCB) is officially called “Desktop LED Medusa Icon.” The Medusa Icon, for short, PCB is made and sold by Outrageous Circuits. At just $10 each, the Medusa Icon PCB is a steal–and one of the best products to learn both coding and hacking.

Here’s what you get for a paltry ten bucks:
NXP LPC11U2X 32-bit ARM
48 red LEDs
2 green LEDs
2 buttons
1 piezo buzzer
mbed online programming capability

Learn how to program it @

You can hack it by adding a 3V battery for power. Just connect your battery positive lug to pin #5 of the NXP AP2112K-3.3TRG1 IC8 and the negative lug to pin #8 of the 74HC(T)595 IC3.

There is an incredible amount of value contained in this small PCB. In fact, you can even attach wallet-sized photographs over Medusa’s stony good looks for hacking a nifty picture frame.


You can purchase the Medusa Icon for $10 from Outrageous Circuits online shop:


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