Liquidation Sale


As reported on Forbes Magazine Web site on Feb 6, 2015, “RadioShack’s liquidation sales will start immediately, as the company tries to relieve itself of roughly 1,700 stores following its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.”

Although RadioShack’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is bittersweet for electronics users, the key point to take away from the Forbes article is “liquidation sales.” Run, don’t walk ASAP to your local RadioShack that is scheduled to close and carry a bag of money with you–the discounts are unbeatable AND all sales are final.

Here is a list of store closings:

Here is a sample of some bargains you might find:

Pkg 15 NPN Transistors 70% Off = $1.05
Arduino Esplora 70% Off = $18
Arduino TouchShield 50% Off = $20
MAKE Component Kit 2 70% Off = $36
iPhone 5 case = 23 cents



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