Bump and Grind


Now the real fun starts! In order for my leaf grinder robot entry in Servo City’s #AHA Challenge to be able to mulch leaves, it must have a box for holding the leaves while a series of blades whack the leaves into tiny bits of organic stuff. This structure is the shredding/cutting/grinding box. When completed, this box will be attached to the front of the robot. Being supported on the front of the robot, this box will be able to scoop up leaves, chop them to smithereens, and then exhaust the grindings back into the lawn as mulch. First up, I have to build a box.

#Actobotics Parts List:

6 – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Sheet 6.25- x 7.25- x .25-inch ABS250-625-725



1. The dimensions for the box are: Front = 7.75- x 5-inch; Bottom = 7.75- x 4-inch; Sides = 5- x 6.25- x 6.25-inch; Top/Back = 7.75- x 6.25-inch.


2. Use a silver marking pen for adding marks and lines to ABS sheets.


3. Common woodworking tools, like a circular saw and a jigsaw, can be used for cutting ABS. Working with ABS is a smelly and messy job. Therefore, take a couple of precautions: work in a ventilated area, measure twice and cut once, and use jigs or guides to ensure straight cuts with power equipment. Here is an expert tip: you can temporarily hold ABS sheets in place with blue painter’s tape. This tape isn’t as sticky as duct/gaffer’s tape nor is it difficult to remove. Best of all, painter’s tape is ideal for picking up ABS shards and debris during cleanup.


4. Clean all of the cut edges and label each part. The box is now ready for assembly.


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