What’s in a name? That Which We Call …


What’s in a name? That which we call a robot. By any other name …

It is done! My entry in the Servo City #AHA Challenge has been built, field trials have been successfully completed, and I’ve submitted a “sneak peek” video of my robot to Servo City. Hurrah! Hurrah! Now the final act in this project presentation is ready for delivery.

There is a strange and very personal phenomenon that permeates the robot building process. The need for a name. Whether it is a series number, “R2-D2” or an anthropomorphic appellation, “Grandmother”–robots “sing the body electric.”

Why? Because all robots, no matter what the shape or function, attempt to emulate us–human beings. Case in point, my little leaf grinding friend, err, robot. It doesn’t matter what this robot looks like or how it operates, the bottom line is that I don’t have to rake leaves anymore. This little buddy will perform that chore for me. So without further delay, I hereby christen ye: ActoWhorl-a-matic. Hurrah! Hurrah!

BTW, if you’ve enjoyed my ActoWhorl-a-matic building chronicle, please be sure to vote for my entry in the Servo City #AHA Challenge. If I win this voting contest, I will donate my award to the Ocean Springs (Mississippi) High School STEM/Robotics program.

Now back to writing articles–I have three that are on tight deadlines, as well as finishing my 42nd book. Hurrah! Hurrah!


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