Happy 40th

I just had my 40th book published! Yippee. Now, onward to 50. Here’s the book’s cover art along with the press release:


New Book Makes Calculators Fun, Exciting, and Monstrous–All at the Same Time

(OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) What do you get when you cross a popular reanimated monster with today’s calculators? According to The Calculator Comic Book! authored by Dave Prochnow, you get cartoon calculator mayhem. And who can argue, when one of the lessons is how to calculate the time to impact of a boulder being thrown down on villagers storming the “dormitories.”

That nod to academia is in reference to a “featured” lecturer in the book, Professor F. Stein, Emeritus, University of Transylvania. Get it? Yes, Professor F. Stein is a modern mathematics instructor with a history of “pedagogical experience thwarting villager insurrection, err, teaching calculator math to students” dating back over 200 years. Tongue in cheek aside, this is a fun vehicle for simplifying complex mathematical concepts like imaginary numbers, logarithms, and terminal velocity of boulders into easily understood keystrokes on a calculator.

What type of calculators? Well, that issue is left intentionally vague, enabling the reader to concentrate on solving formulas, equations, and problems rather than ensuring you own the correct calculator. Although Casio, Hewlett-Packard, Sharp, and Texas Instruments calculators are all endorsed, Professor Stein is quick to condemn toy calculators, adding machines, and abacuses. There is also a healthy amount of support directed towards graphing calculators, programmable calculators, specifically the TI-84 Plus, and the Texas Instruments lineup of calculators that can interface with Vernier Software and Technology sensors. These sensors figure prominently in classrooms and laboratories around the world which makes The Calculator Comic Book! a valuable reference for extending the  function of your calculator.

Yes, today’s calculators are feeling the pressure of becoming obsolete from the smartphone boon which has significantly dwindled the ranks of “pocket rockets” from millions of users to hundreds of thousands of faithful calculator owners. The Calculator Comic Book! addresses this issue head-on with several salient points strengthening the stance of the calculator as a “must have” device for students, teachers, engineers, scientists (mad or otherwise), monsters, and mathematicians.

One thing that’s for sure, you don’t have to be a mad scientist to enjoy The Calculator Comic Book!. It’s fun, informative, and full of monster mischief. Even if you don’t own a calculator, reading The Calculator Comic Book! will certainly convince you to buy one. Now if only Dr. Ula would write a book about energy conservation, “The Vampire Power Comic Book!.”

The Calculator Comic Book!

by Dave Prochnow

ISBN-13: 978-1539162070

ISBN-10: 1539162079


Available @ Amazon.com

As a courtesy, the Amazon link is provided:



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